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1) How can customers reach Kora Beauty?

Kora Beauty has a customer service line that is available to assist customers with all inquiries.  A customer servicerepresentative will return your call within 24 hours.

2) Can customers make international purchases?

Yes, Kora Beauty products can be purchased from this website within the USA, Canada, and International Countries.  However, Kora Beauty is not responsible for international fees which may be incurred for international shipments.  

3) How soon can customers receive purchased items?

Kora Beauty diligently seeks to satisfy its customers, so orders are processed within 48 hours.   Orders are mailed locally through USPS within 7 business days, or priority mail whatever you choose and pay for at checkout.

4) How is Kora Beauty different than other skin care lines? 

Kora Beauty is unique because it focuses on producing scientifically proven products that have natural and organic ingredients to combat the damage caused by environmental pollutants. These pollutants cause the skin to age prematurely and Kora Beauty products help to reverse and prevent those effects to help maintain a youthful appearance.  Kora Beauty is also unique in how it values its customers.  Kora Beauty occasionally sends its customers' free gifts as a thank you for their repetitive business and continuous support.

5) What is your  Return Policy?

At Kora Beauty, we believe that every customer should have the satisfaction of receiving products with the utmost integrity.  Therefore, all sales are final.   However, we are aware that some things are beyond our control and we work with customers to reach reasonable solutions as long as all original seals remain in tact.

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