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The Healthy Glow

 Anti-Aging Antioxidant System



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Healthy Glow Cleanser

This rich Papaya Citrus Gel Cleanser deep cleans your skin without drying it. It removes impurities, oils and blackheads.  It even prevents breakouts. It exfoliates and immediately reduces dark spots and brightens your complexion to give you a polished smooth glow.  You notice the difference almost immediately!

Healthy Glow Cleanser
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The Healthy Glow Hyaluronic Refiner

This highly active antioxidant Refiner reduces the size of enlarged pores.  It nourishes, and hydrates even the driest skin, and restores its PH balance. It refines the texture of your skin leaving you with a smoother and clearer complexion.  Apply with a cotton ball after cleansing, and watch your skin glow with a healthier, clearer complexion.  

The Healthy Glow Hyaluronic Refiner
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The Healthy Glow Anti-aging Antioxidant System


The Healthy Glow Anti-Aging Antioxidant  System

  • The Healthy Glow Cleanser - 5ozs
  • The Hyaluronic Refiner - 5 ozs 
  • FREE  Healthy Glow Enriched Hydrate - 0.5 ozs
  • FREE SHIPPING within Continental USA

The Healthy Glow System is a combined powerful antioxidant system. It contains active enzymes that fight photo-aging from sun exposure by reducing the free radicals which cause aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.   It reduces discoloration, nourishes, revitalizes,  and brightens your complexion.  For Normal/ Combination/ Oily skin.

The Healthy Glow Anti-aging Antioxidant System
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Service Name

" The Healthy Glow anti-aging antioxidant system helped me to regain my confidence.  Thank You Kora Beauty!!!!  My skin texture is so smooth, and bright.  I feel younger and my skin looks so much younger now!!!  This stuff really works!"

Service Name

"I am so glad that I tried the product. It really works!  The compliments are endless, and I just smile on the inside because I know that  Kora Beauty made it possible!" 

Demonstration Before and After pictures 

Skincare that gives you results!

The Demonstration Picture #1 

Prior to using Kora Beauty products, the client's skin exhibits extreme dryness, crows feet around the eye area and a general dull appearance to the skin.

Demonstration Picture # 2 

The client uses Kora Beauty products for approximately

 1-2 weeks, the client's skin is supple, hydrated, revitalized, and client's wrinkles and crows feet are minimized.  

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